I've always had a passion for the beauty business. In fact, I was born into it!

My family has owned and operated a cosmetology school in Las Vegas since before I was born. Naturally, I grew up around all things beauty. During my college years on summer breaks, I worked at the school as a receptionist and general assistant.

I always knew I wanted to be part of the business side of this industry, but trusted that the right path would be to learn it from the ground up. When I graduated from college with my Business Management degree, it was my turn to go through the cosmetology program and get licensed.

After completing cosmetology school, I moved to Phoenix to be closer to the man I now get to call my husband. As a young dreamer, I was determined to find a career I loved in this brand new city. Through trial and error, I built quite the varied resume before finally finding my way back to the industry I love.

Marketing has always come easily to me and I love the innovation involved. Combining my passion for beauty and marketing with the burning desire to make an impact by helping others succeed, Beauty Social Breakthrough was born.


My mission is to help beauty professionals take their businesses to the next level by equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to properly market themselves in an ever-changing digital world.

In my free time you can find me cooking, eating, and trying to be a wanna-be foodie...with wine, of course! Fortunately I also enjoy working out too--hey, it's all about balance, right!? 


My husband and my family come first above all things. On the weekend you can find me visiting them in Vegas, dreaming up travel plans with my man, hanging out with friends, or serving at my local church. I also love crafting, DIY projects, and generally making some type of mess. Did I mention mess?


More seriously, I like to read self development books, listen to inspirational podcasts, or do something to try and better myself so I can better serve my clients.

I consider my job well done if I can serve a purpose greater than myself through my creativity and vision.


If you are ready for a breakthrough in your beauty business, contact me!